As part of UCL's celebration of London event, One Day in the City, Tilt produced three events:

London, Literature and Hidden Voices: a Spoken Word lecture by John Agard.

Tilt’s London Liming with Tim Clare and John Agard, Prince Abdi, poets Bridget Minamore, Sophie Robinski, short fiction writer Nick Barlay, musician James Ingham and DJ Jamie Renton.

Is it Something I Said?, ‘a shebeen of scurrilous and edgy words’ at which Will Self, Professor John Sutherland, Melanie Abrahams and Tim Clare explored ‘saying the unsayable’[15] through speech and conversation. Billed as a ‘spoken word experiment’, the event was a tribute to Richard Pryor and Bill Hicks.


“One Day in the City” is not a literary festival: it is a celebration of London and literature at University College London.

Events co-curated by Dr Nick Shepley and Melanie Abrahams