3 Minutes with Chris Redmond

What are you most passionate about?

Life, Family, Words, Music, Tongue Fu, Stories, Space, Drums, Kettle Chips, Tree climbing, Performance, People, Celebrations, Conversation, Learning, Teaching

What 3 words would you say best describe you?

Inquisitive human being

How did you get into your area of work?

I saw a door, ajar, wandered in and introduced myself. There was a stage and some artists, some poets and musicians. It felt like home, so I stayed.

Personal highlights so far?

Building Tongue Fu into one of the best and busiest poetry nights in London, hosting so many brilliant poets, performers and musicians and performing to ever increasing, ever enthusiastic audiences; Performing poetry to 2000 people at Shepherds Bush Empire.. the biggest crowd so far; Having a poem chosen for Radio 4's Pick of The Week; Getting paid!

What 3 words best describe the spoken word and music style that TF encourages?

Spontaneous Joyful Genius

What creative masterpiece do you wish you'd written or created?

I work with young bands as a teacher/mentor. One of them had a song called Carnage of the Dark Gods which for me was perfection - total abandon, loud, ramshackle rock and roll with pure raw joy at its heart. I wish I could have made that when I was 12 years old!

Any upcoming projects you're excited by?

My show The Lost Menagerie, an exploration of breath, death, serpent myths and sunlight with a beautiful soundtrack by Tongue Fu bass player Riaan Vosloo. I’m taking it to Edinburgh this year. We're making an album too.

What's an important piece of insider knowledge you have as a writer and performer?

Dame Judy Dench once said in an interview that when she starts a new job, she always leaves her coat and bag by the door in case she feels she's not up to the task and has to bolt. I like that. There's a mixture of confidence and vulnerability that needs to be there for the work to be alive and dangerous.