3 Minutes with Hannah Lowe

HANNAH LOWE was born in Ilford to an English mother and a Jamaican-Chinese father. She has lived in Brighton and Santa Cruz, California. She studied American Literature at the University of Sussex and has a Masters degree in Refugee studies. She lives in London and teaches literature at a college in Islington. Her poems have appeared widely including Ambit, Acumen, Magma, Rising, Smiths Knoll and The North. She has won prizes, commendations and has been shortlisted in a number of competitions including Aesthetica Creative Works, Bridport, Sentinel Literary Journal and The Arvon International. Her debut collection is 'The Hitcher' (Rialto).

What 3 words would you say best describe you?

Direct, honest…tall.

What's an important piece of insider knowledge you have as a creator and performer?

In creating, I see poems as much as hear them, and want a reader to see them too. In performing, less is more!

What creative masterpiece do you wish you had written?

‘The Schooner Flight’ by Derek Walcott. It’s a deeply moving poem about spiritual and physical voyaging and history and memory in the Caribbean.