• Bloomsbury Theatre (studio) (map)
  • 15 Gordon Street
  • London, England, WC1H 0AH
  • United Kingdom

Crosspath Theatre and Tilt presents John Agard's 'Roll Over Atlantic' and Shivanee Ramlochan

Join Caribbean-British poet John Agard in a quirky re-visioning of the notorious New World Enterprise of Christopher Columbus.  This one-person show of theatre, calypso and poetry offers a voyage in verse, presented against an evocative soundscape of Atlantic murmurings, with Agard variously taking on the voices of Columbus, The Atlantic Ocean and a chorus of politically conscious mosquitoes. Directed by Mark C. Hewitt with musical backing by Thomas Arnold, and produced by Crosspath Theatre and Tilt. 

An evening that mixes the tides of cabaret and the Caribbean with mischievous satirical wit.  Plus a special guest performance by Trinidadian poet and arts reporter Shivanee Ramlochan:

Tickets £10/£7 concessions.  

Shivanee Ramlochan invokes gods, goddesses or demons to do what poetry should do – alarm and ignite us, surprise and blast us and tear at our heartstrings. Welcome to a challenging, unforgettable and courageous new voice.
— Olive Senior

Shivanee read three poems from Everyone Knows I Am a Haunting at Paper Based Bookshop's Evening of Tea & Readings. Everyone Knows I Am a Haunting was published in October 2017.

A unique and energetic force in contemporary British poetry, John Agard’s poems combine acute social observation, puckish wit and a riotous imagination to thrilling effect.
— Ben Wilkinson

John Agard performs a suite of his poems at London Liming, including 'Hippo Writes a Love Poem to his Wife' and 'Viagra in My Cocoa', a poem so inflected with calypso rhythms and sensibility, it could probably stand up and be counted in a contemporary calypso competition.