• The Roundhouse (map)
  • Chalk Farm Road
  • London, NW1 8EH
  • United Kingdom

Tilt and The Roundhouse presents Doctor Zeeman's Catastrophe Machine by Martin Figura.

Is there a mathematical equation for love and the behaviour of a beating heart?  What can be retrieved from life’s catastrophes and wounds?  When our windshield is blurred with rain and we’re wearing our reading glasses, can we learn to look in the rear view mirror and smile?

Poet Martin Figura turns to inspirational mathematics guru Sir Erik Christopher Zeeman’s iconic machine, the moon and photographs to shed light on these pressing questions and to help him sort out love, loss and when to let go.

Figura draws out the wit in the words in this new scratch show at the Roundhouse.  The show has a catastrophe machine designed by Paul Finlay, script development by Ross Sutherland, visuals, sound and animation by Andrew Barreau and Karen Hall, and stage direction and lighting by Tom Clutterbuck.   

Doctor Zeeman’s will interest anyone charmed by Figura's previous show Whistle

Praise for Figura's last collection, Whistle:

‘I see a lot of poetry but yours is the first show I ever gave a standing ovation. It was a tour de force - moving and deeply courageous.’  Jo Bell, former Director of National Poetry Day, UK's Canal Laureate

His ability to fill venues at various festivals with shows that incorporate mixed-media, highlights Figura as a truly twenty-first century poet.’ Alan Ward, Poetry International Rotterdam

‘This show is astonishing… full of details picked out by a poet’s eye’ ★★★★ Natasha Tripney, Exeunt

Doctor Zeeman’s Catastrophe Machine is produced by Tilt, funded by Arts Council England and supported by Norwich Arts Centre and Writer’s Centre Norwich.

Cost: £5 / Book tickets here