3 Minutes with Deanna Rodger

DEANNA RODGER is a talented writer and performer and since winning the UK slam title in 2007 has performed everywhere including 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. She is a member of the Point Blank Poets collective, Keats House Poetry Forum and the Rubix Collective. She is a keen events producer and works with Dean Atta to produce ‘Come Rhyme with Me’ and The Chill Pill team to produce Chill Pill. She is a budding actress and enjoys doing her little bit for society through taking part in conscious events such as SUCK out! (Anti-BNP event), Help Haiti, Silence Is Not Golden, CONFLICT, LMHR and Occupy!

Deanna hosts at our Feb Liming show, read more here

Q & A

What 3 words best describe you?

passionate enthusiastic dynamic

Where would you say your style of performing comes from I think my style comes from an innate beat.

I often write while listening to music.

You're taking part in a 'Liming' event, what are you going to do at the show?

I will smile a lot and say random things that slip through my minds filter like an under aged clubber.

Which artists have influenced you most and why?

Mariah Carey because she's amazing at singing and song writing and I really connect with her when I listen to her songs. Polarbear and Dean Atta because they taught me and have supported me with their wise thoughtful words.

What's an important piece of 'insider' knowledge you have as a creator/performer?

Don’t get caught up in the hype that surrounds a performance.

What are you most passionate about?


Does current affairs or popular culture influence your writing/creating and performing, and if so, in what ways?

Definitely! One of the most moving performances I've done is to perform "Nowadays" and "Where I'm From" at the Occupy London site.

Tell us about an upcoming project that excites you, and how we can find out more about it.

I successfully auditioned for a place in The National Youth Theatre of GB REP Company so I will be acting for the rest of the year!